The portable CellDEK® is compatible with over 1700 of the most popular cell phones and PDA's, including Blackberrys. CellDEK now supports Apple® iPhone™, iPhone™ 3G and iPod™ touch devices as well as TomTom, Garmin and iPAQ satellite navigation devices. Built to perform in the field (not just in the lab), investigators can immediately gain access to vital information, saving days of waiting for a report from a crime lab. This advanced cell phone data extraction device is a self-contained system that features a touch-screen display allowing the user to quickly identify devices by brand, model number, dimensions and/or photographs. Once the device is identified, connectivity options are offered, suggesting the most suitable options. A “smart adapter” feature then illuminates the correct USB adapter. Connectivity by infra-red and Bluetooth are also built-in. The CellDEK then captures all stored data within approximately five minutes. Up to 40 adapters may be stored in the system’s built-in rack.