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Homeland Security Solutions

Snap Defense addresses the unique needs of the public enterprise customers with:

  • Point-to-Multipoint International Voice & Fax Encryption: Designed for organizations that need to encrypt voice and fax communications intended for destinations around the globe
  • Private Voice & Fax Encryption: Designed for large corporate users, this package enables enterprise customers to create their own dedicated secure network between identified locations as well as using exisitng public networks
  • Cellular security: GSM and CDMA mobile handsets are secured by software or hardware, thus securing the transmission end-to-end through the entire cellular carrier infrastructure. The cellular security is compatible with legacy networks using 2G (CSD) as wells as 3G (UMTS/EVDO) and SATCOM (InmarSat)
  • Interoperablity: Communicate on any network securely to any user including LMR, 2G/3G, SATCOM, GSM, CDMA
  • Security Standards: Suite B, NIST 140-2 protocols
  • Proven Technology: Deployed in over 40 countries
  • Custom Solutions: Combines our broad array of services into customized user packages with specific needs.


  • SnapMesh: Point-to-Multipoint Voice & Fax Encryption: Ideal for users who need advanced security measures, key management and protocols to encrypt all voice, SMS, PBX, VoIP, SATCOM, cellular and fax messages regardless of recipient.

Feel free to contact us about your requirements for secure communications.