Multi Emotional Layered Technology (M.E.L.T) technology uses "psychological pattern" detection as well as three independent equations used to isolate different types of stress resulting from a variety of emotional states. Distinctions are made between confusion and cognitive or global stress resulting from circumstances surrounding the issue being discussed. In addition, the technology distinguishes “normal” or "acceptable” levels of stress from stress associated with attempts at deception.

M.E.L.T detects and measures levels of tension, rejection, fear, embarrassment and attempts to outsmart or answer cynically. It also measures the subject's level of thinking or concentration as well as the subject’s willingness to answer a question (using the "Say or Stop" (S.O.S) parameter). Using its established modules of Deception Patterns, M.E.L.T can achieve the greatest accuracy rate in detecting deception.

M.E.L.T is sold in several versions to accomdate distinct customer needs. The most popular editions are Investigator and Commercial, Employment and Medical edition. Feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting the correct solution for your organization. We provide full service training to ensure that your implementation is smooth from start to finish.