Snap Defense System's provides a complete suite of core market-ready cryptographic algorithms for the Texas Instruments DSP family and for ARM RISC processors. This library enables developers to easily embed encryption, hash functions, digital signatures and key exchange mechanism into handheld applications including mobile phones, Smartphones, PDA devices and other converged platforms.

Many devices on the market currently process various secure data or email transactions but fail to provide security and authentication for voice communications. SnapDefense’s cryptographic software library can assist developers in adding secure voice features to devices with operating systems including Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and Palm to name a few.

Snap Defense’s cryptographic library is memory-friendly and energy efficient. This translates into greater acceptability for end-users who have a need for securing both voice and data but do not want to sacrifice the performance of other applications.

Snap Defense System can assist you with integration, development and designing of value-added security functions that are seamless, cost-effective and proven to protect critical information. For additional details or pricing contact us with your project requirements.