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pdfSecureVideo App Brochure

The SecureVideo is an industrial-strength enterprise platform that provides instant visual communications and data-sharing ability with your employees in the field. Live video can include real-time GPS tracking, biometrics, news desk assignment, metadata, and a variety of other valuable datasets. And rest assured that all your data is fully secured, the enterprise platform meets all FIPS and HIPAA requirements.

Whether it's from a phone or computer, SecureVideo's technology allows your team to easily stream high quality live video with minimum training. The SecureVideo has a feature that allows for rich monitoring, switching applications, and live feed which can be viewed with less than a second of latency back at the studio or command center. Decision-makers and other authorized viewers can watch on any device that's convenient, including a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Recommended for broadcasters, oil & gas companies, insurance adjustors, first responders, government agencies and any other organization where management needs to see what's happening in the field in real-time.

The SecureVideo App is available as an SAAS service or licensed as a complete system installed on your internal network. Harness the benefits of SecureVideo for your organization today.