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At only 59 grams this pocket-sized terminal is poised to revolunize the world of secure communications. Snapblue deploys many new features that will allow you to secure virtually any mobile network (GSM or CDMA) and PSTN. Snapblue turns standard mobile phones into encrypted mobile phones. Snapblue features a secure directory, secure voice and sms encryption. Snapblue will also perform secure communications on public networks using an analog Bluetooth Adapter.

Although Snapblue resembles a traditional mobile phone it will only pair to bluetooth enabled devices. It creates a secured multi-layer link using several security protocols via bluetooth. Given that many wireless *devices have Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up network) the Snapblue can be used with many different commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices. Many flip style and "candybar" style moble phones are compatible. Originally developed for military communications it is now approved for commercial sales and export.

*Note: Most smartphones (ex. I-phone, Blackberry, etc) will not properly route DUN connections as a CSD (circuit switch data) data call. This product is intended for usage with "candybar" style phones (motorola razr, nokia, etc).