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Snapfence is a complete enterprise security solution for communications which provides a managed, distruibuted and scalable platform to ensure secure cellular, PBX and fax among all parts of an organization regardless of network, communications device or location. This flexibility allows an organization to improve overall information assurance security practices. Snapfence also benefits from SDS’s patented military-style of secure voice switching technology which can secure individuals, multiple parties and entire groups simultaneously. SDS can secure the access network even when only one of the calling parties has initiated a secure call.

A central component of the Snapfence solution is its ability to manage and enforce all security policies throughout the organizational hierarchy even to remote end users. Included as part of software management architecture is the ability to identify, log, and control all inbound and outbound communications. Other features include remote management for updating encryption devices, software updates, secure conferencing, interoperability among multiple networks and key management.