The M4000 is a stationery ultra-high intensity searchlight, designed and engineered for exceptionally long range illumination. This advanced piece of equipment utilizes 20 million candela (peak output) to efficiently illuminate targets at distances of 3 miles (5 Km).

The M4000 unit’s robust housing can either be used as a stand alone system, or form part of any level environmental enclosure, its versatility allows it to be mounted on a standard photographic tripod.

The M4000 unit can be fully remotely operated, with on/off, zoom, and normal/high/strobe functions all at the operator’s command. Two drop-down IR filters - semi-covert (850nm) and covert (900nm) - can also be remotely activated.

The unit weighs only 20 lbs (9 kg) and operates from 110-225 VDC; 110-115 Hz power supply. The M4000 is the perfect OEM unit to integrate into a range of security and surveillance, and EMS systems.