The MegaLight series of super-intense lighting products are designed by former military personnel for law enformcement as well as military agencies. These super-intense mobile searchlights have as much lighting visibility as larger helicopter-mounted search lights. The MegaLight is unmatched in its field durability - the internal parts are designed for continual use and yes warfighter abuse.

The products are designed in accordance with the highest standards to achieve an surpassed combination of durability, portability, and high-tech lightweight materials.

The MegaLight currently ranges from the highly successful M175 hand held model to the latest M4000 series for use with CCTV surveillance in a fixed positions as well as in a mobile configurations. The M4000 can be computer controlled as well as through a hand held controller box. It has an effective illumination range of 5km and can offer IR illumination as well.

To newest addition is the M2000 series which incorporates a patented application for vehicle mounting as well as a clip-on handle for easily converting it from a fixed position device to a mobile hand held unit. The MegaLigt continues to be the world leader and outperform other lighting technologies.