Snap Defense System offers Integrators, Resellers and Service Providers a highly compelling value-added solutions to market to their customers – with ultra secure communications products.

Institutions large and small use mobile phones, deskotp, PC, VoIP and fax lines to transmit confidential information on a daily basis. These customers would find encryption services to be extremely valuable. Typical customers include:

  • Banks
  • Law Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Industrial Companies
  • High Technology Companies
  • Financial Services Firms

Our platform is the only comprehensive transparent network-based and peer-to-peer solution with proper management for telephone line security that is suitable for both public and private networks.

Advantages of offering a secure network-based communications platform include:

  • Providing a new and innovative value-added service targeted to the business sector
  • Creating an additional revenue source
  • Scalable technology enables incremental investment on a per-subscriber basis.
  • Differentiation from competition

In addition to securing voice and fax communications, our platform also safeguards data, and it supports other value-added services. Contact us for further details and information about becoming an authorized provider of our solutions.